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Meet the staff


We have very experienced physical therapists on staff who specialize in treating a wide range of diagnoses. Our therapists are compassionate and eager to help you achieve your physical therapy goals and return you to a pain free and healthy lifestyle.


Enrique Arencibia, PT

Enrique Arencibia has been a physical therapist since 1995. He is the Director of our Jersey City location and one of the founders of Mile Square PT.  At the beginning of his professional career, he worked for Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. During this time he worked with patients suffering from a multitude of disorders: Strokes, Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart/Lung Transplants, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and various Orthopedic conditions. Additionally, Enrique assisted teaching neurology classes and participated with gait analysis studies at Columbia.

For the past ten years Enrique has been working in outpatient orthopedic settings. In 2005 he opened Mile Square Physical Therapy with his business partner, Shelley. During this time, he continued to advance his manual skills by taking various courses such as McKenzie, Maitland and Functional Orthopedics. These courses and his experience have enabled him to have a greater number of treatment approaches when creating a personalized plan of care for his patients.

Over the past decade, Enrique has been incorporating his love for Yoga with physical therapy, as a way to modify his own posture and movement patterns, as well as his patients. He finds himself frequently turning to Yoga postures in combination with his manual skills to help his patients achieve their goals. Enrique was a Yoga student of the Bright Spirit Teacher Training school here in Hoboken and has a very holistic hands-on approach with his patients. Today, a typical treatment with him may involve looking at movement pattern dysfunctions in the low back and hip in order to resolve a shoulder injury. He may choose from a number of manual techniques or handpicked yoga postures to release tension or re-educate the body's movement patterns.

Quinnipiac University

Continuing Education Courses:

Maitland (neck and back)

McKenzie (neck and back)

Mulligans (neck and back)



Dr. Shelley Palumbo, PT, DPT


Dr. Shelley Palumbo, PT, DPT is the Director of our Hoboken location and one of the founders of Mile Square Physical Therapy. She has been a physical therapist since 1999. Her experience and continuing education enable her to effectively diagnose and treat all types of patient injuries. She is passionate about learning and growing as a physical therapist and takes advantage of courses that fine tune her skills. Most recently she has completed coursework in full body Active Release Technique (ART) and treatment of the multisport athlete.

Shelley is an avid surfer and triathlete. She is a member of the Gold Coast Triathlon Club in Hoboken. Her training program has given her a lot of insight to the treatment of athletic injuries. Being an athlete herself, her goal is to get her patients back to their active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. She understands how important it is to not only treat injuries effectively, but prevent them as well. She uses a whole body approach to her evaluation. She not only looks at the injured area, but other possible muscle imbalances, or postural weaknesses that could have contributed to the injury, or be affecting the healing time.

In addition to treating sport related injuries, Shelley enjoys a diverse patient population. This includes anything from pediatric patients with torticollus, ergonomic related strains of the neck and back, as well as balance and gait issues in the elderly.


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Beaver College, Glenside, PA


Beaver College, Glenside, PA

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ

Continuing Education Courses:

Full Body ART

Current Concepts of the Knee and Shoulder

Maitland (neck and back)

McKenzie (neck and back)

Mulligans (neck and back)

Advanced Concepts in Orthopedics

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Treatment of Multisport & Endurance Athletes

Analyzing the Runner

Return to Golf for the Rehab Specialist

Selective Functional Movement Assessment 



Dr. Tim Abraham, PT, DPT, OCS

Tim is an Orthopeadic Certified Specialist.  He graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Columbia University in 2014.  He was the Vice President of his class and completed internships all around the country, including one with the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team. While at Columbia, Tim served as a teacher’s assistant for several courses including Gross Anatomy, Examination and Evaluation, and Kinesiology & Biomechanics. He was also a vital member of a study published in The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy that analyzed the effects of a manual therapy technique known as strain-counterstrain on pain.

Tim is currently seeking certifications as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Dr. Tim Abraham has a keen eye for faulty movement patterns and body mechanics. A firm believer that injuries are often the direct result of poor habits with respect to movement, he strives to discover, correct, and then educate a patient on the true cause of an injury.

Tim is an avid sports fan who will watch, play, or talk about any sport imaginable. His favorite teams include the Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, New Jersey Devils, and North Carolina Tar Heels. 




Dr. Anthony Altilio, PT, DPT



Dr. Nicole Brovarone, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Nicole Brovarone, PT, DPT received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University. 



Dr. Hannah Haruni, PT, DPT

Dr. Hannah Haruni PT, DPT received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy through the Advanced Track for orthopedics at Columbia University, where she graduated with honors in 2020. Hannah works with determination to find the root cause of any injury, and develops an individualized treatment plan based on the latest evidence-based research. Hannah creates an enjoyable atmosphere while helping patients work towards their functional goals. Her areas of expertise consist of treating orthopedic injuries including postoperative cases. In her free time, Hannah enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with family.




Dr. Caroline Cogavin, PT, DPT, CSCS


Dr. Caroline Cogavin, PT, DPT, CSCS is a recent graduate of the Rutgers University (formerly The University of Medicine and Dentistry) Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in Newark, NJ.  Her experience includes acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and her favorite- outpatient orthopedics.  Additionally, she is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist giving her an edge in helping patients improve athletic performance.  

Caroline gives patients the confidence, reassurance, education, and laughs required to have an enjoyable and effective physical therapy experience.  Manual, hands-on therapy and precise exercise form are two things she emphasizes. Caroline is a former lacrosse and soccer player, and strives to learn about the physical demands of all of her patients' interesting hobbies.  When not at work, Caroline leads an active lifestyle at the gym, at the barre, at the beach, and or, listening to Adele in the car. 



James Madison University, 2012, Magna Cum Laude


Rutgers University, Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Continuing Education:

Great Lakes Comprehensive Treatment of the Shoulder

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Certifications / Memberships:

American Physical Therapy Association Orthopedics Section

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (CPR/AED) (AHA)

Volunteer Experiences:

Special Olympics

Girls on the Run Coach, Montclair, NJ


Dr. Jessica Swisher, PT, DPT

Dr. Jessica Swisher, PT, DPT has been practicing Physical Therapy since 2009. She has treated all ages in a wide variety of settings including hospital based outpatient, home health, and acute care. Additionally, she has worked as a traveling PT and has licensure in many states including New York, Utah, and California proving a well versed physical therapist. She is also certified to provide pelvic floor physical therapy to women.  

Jessica believes it is important to establish a unique treatment plan utilizing her manual skills in combination with developing a professional rapport with patients. Her energetic and friendly personality positively affect patient's treatment and outcomes. In her spare time, she enjoys running, skiing, singing karaoke and watching sports.  


Undergraduate and Graduate:
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Continuing Education Courses:

Kinesiotaping Fundamentals & Advanced Treatment

Optimum Balance Training for Vestibular Rehabilitation

Kessler Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Optimizing Recovery

Hands on Seminars Manual Therapy Approach for Lumbar spine Pathology

North American Sports Medicine Institute Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Mulligan Concept for Upper Quadrant

The Triathlete's Spine

Spondylolysis in Young Athletes

Total Knee Arthroplasty

Prevention in Soccer: Helping Players Stay in the Game

Foot Fundamentals:  Mastering the Art of Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation




Dr. Alexis Aguila, PT, DPT 

Dr. Alexis Aguila PT, DPT 



Dr. Shane Connors, PT, DPT

Dr. Shane Connors, PT, DPT has been an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist practicing in NY and NJ since his graduation from Ithaca College in 2010. Shane has come across a wide variety of patients with various musculoskeletal impairments in his time as a physical therapist and strongly believes that no matter how large or small the problem area is all injuries and patients deserve the best quality care.

Shane received his doctorate in physical therapy following his research on posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction and continues to emphasize researched based therapy in his daily interventions for his patients. Shane will educate his patients on their current injury and will progress them towards full recovery and how to properly train their bodies to prevent aggravation injuries associate with premature return to play.

In his free time Shane enjoys staying active through running, hiking, working out, playing basketball and baseball.


Undergraduate and Graduate programs

Ithaca college, Ithaca, NY

Continuing Education

Great Lakes mayofacial release

Maitland Spine 

Great Lakes mobilizations of the cervical and thoracic spine and ribs

David Butler: Chronic and Phantom Pain

HVLA mobilizations and manipulations  



Dr. Kristina Jimenez, PT, DPT



University of Scranton, B.S.


Seton Hall University, D.P.T.

Research Experience:

Contributed to "Evidence Base for Behaviorally Anchored Lift Task Evaluation"

Kristina is an avid runner, and was on the track team at the University of Scranton.  She is currently the Assistant Track Coach at her high school alma mater, St. Dominic's Academy in Jersey City.



Dr. Sheena Shah, PT, DPT


Drexel University, B.S.


Drexel University, D.P.T.

Research Experience:

Contributed to research for "Yoga for Preschoolers"

Sheena has been practicing physical therapy since 2012.  She is recognized for her expertise treating orthopedic injuries, including post operative cases.  







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